Guests/Visitors - Day & Overnight (2 Night Max)

Guests/Visitors are defined as any person not on the lease or application. Day (sunrise to sunset) visitors are welcome as long as they do not disturb health and well being of other residents.

Overnight guests or any guest staying after sunset must be registered with Management and are subject to approval by Management. Unescorted persons and unauthorized guests are subject to arrest for trespassing and/or loitering pursuant to state law. Overnight guests may stay on an occasional basis for a maximum of two (2) nights with management approval.


ALL occupants residing in the apartment must apply for residency and are subject to management approval. Before allowing anyone to reside in your unit as a roommate, you are required to have them submit an application and pay the $55 fee. All occupants over the age of 18 must be on the lease

Roommates are permitted in the front house and rear building only.

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